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Food courses to Further your Food Fun, Skills & Knowledge, enjoy!


Butchery Skills

Whether you are an exsisiting butcher looking to explore butchery further, a small holder or home enthusiast,


Our Master butchers will through instructive fun teach you new techniques to fully utilse the whole animal, We have courses covering all cuts and nose-to tail butchery


Baking & Cake Decorating

Baking breads, French patisserie, Cakes & Buns, our courses cover a wide range of baking techniques and hands on techniques


Cake decorating courses cover the basics of sugarwork as well as more refined and artisan practices

Curing and Smoking meats

The ancient craft of curing and smoking meat is as satisfying now as it was thousands of years ago.


Learn traditional artisan methods which have stood the test of time and make your own delicious charcuterie bursting with natural flavour

World Foods

These courses will help you create flavorful tasty food from across the globe, Learn how to use spices & herbs in ways that will create amazing flavours and tastes


Become a globetrotting food adventurer by taking these instructive, informative and facsinating courses


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