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OK.. so we don't really offer the 'normal' hog roast.. you know the one.. the meat is dry, a weird stuffing, store bought apple sauce and all in a bread that falls apart (and not in a good way!).. What we DO offer is Fantastic Free range meats, coupled with our very personal service, we are able to offer you everything from the roast itself with a variety of bread options with fabulous salads, styled up potatoes, pastas and grains and of course a range of delicious mouth-watering puddings.. Remember that it's not all about the hog! Lamb roasts, beef roasts, poultry and game all make for excellent spit roasted meats!


(yet admittedly our 'Chiantishire' Porchetta is just simply fabulous

with our own Secret Magical Crackling dust!)


Plus we do rather fabulous BBQ's to supplement your food offering, hand made burgers, great british handmade bangers, gourmet hot dogs, marinated & glazed meat skewers are all possible too! Even bacon and sausage sandwiches.. and we never forget the vegetarians and vegans with global fabulous delights to really get a fabulous food groove on!

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