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Ready meals? Really? Yup! ...


We designed a range of 'NO NASTIES' ready meals in order to ensure that our friends could eat excellent quality, tasty food, while fitting the convenience of time, All our ready meals are made with passion and the ingredients are locally and ethically sourced where possible.. Loads of firm favourites, as well as a few more exotic flavours for you to try, in portions to suit your needs..

Regular deliveries of Fabulous food


To make life easier and to enjoy having quaity meals at your convience we offer a regular delivery service, it can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


As all our Ready meals are homemade and packaged in easy to cook cartons, they can be simply heated in the oven for around twenty minutes or even microwaved from frozen if required... Very simple!

Something for everyone in the Family


It can be tough feeding the family, with growing needs and tastes our Fabulous Ready meals can help make life a bit easier! eeveryones tastes can be


With lots of tasty flavours, and a range of sizes you can ensure that the family wil not only be happy with their meals, yet also that you are giving them 'NO NASTIES! Thats a promise from Mr & Mrs Fitz...

Dinner Parties & Larger Gatherings


We provide larger portions to request, from fully cooked classics that would normally take long periods of cooking, to fast and fun dishes that are perfect for sharing. We are also proud to offer complete meals...


Don't worry about finding the pans, the ingredients or the time to cook larger meals, we have done it all for you, so you can just simply re-heat the food & serve it

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